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Few Moments

In my life. From my point of view are few moments. From one's own are many. It would be nice if one way or another the story of the book is just here, but no. After a while I conclude that I have not reached any conclusion.

My friend continues to maintain his point of view, as there are many moments of happiness in my list (and I can not say that is not right, that is your point of view and respect and I do) but I at the bottom me, I still feel that it is not. I have not had so many happy moments as well doubt of the few I've had. As I can tell what my happy moments and which not? Every moment of my life is at the same time something good and something bad at a time. So, as I can tell what the happy moments of my life, to know what unhappy separate so you can say look here I was happy? I can have a vision, an understanding of my own happiness? When I was at the bottom I have no specific definition or at least a reference point different from what I have now, (which made me realize that I was not much use)?! Cause I keep thinking and thinking about the same? As is to be happy? Anyone know how to do? From where I can learn this? You can learn? Or just feel it? By saying no conclusion on my list, no point of reference, no foundation from which to start to finish, to be capase to understand where I come and I have to do to reach a greater number of happiness in my little notebook.

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