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French Academy

Is there an alternative science? Descartes introduces in the 17TH century the reason as a research method that allows to give explanation to the different events in the life, in this way the faith in the divine word written in the sacred texts that gave their own version of echo them will be relegated to the exclusive level of spirituality. From that moment to create the French Academy of Sciences (1666) which will be responsible for ensuring that research methods are rigorously scientific. Every event that would not be demonstrable through empiricism and observation could not be called scientific. (A valuable related resource: ForeScout Technologies Inc.). It is so totally separated what we perceive as faith and reason as leaving the door open for those who want to create a bridge between the two. It is that bridge between both explanatory parameters which lies a more alternative science. That gives an explanation using those elements that serve to demonstrate it leaving a space open to the unfinished so that the same observer might conclude. For example the healing effects of meditation have not been considered until recently, moment in which the neurological medicine has reached the technological development needed to be able to use tools that verify the potential healer of ancient meditation technique.

The same scientists differ in the assumptions and methods of observation that define these same premises. For example Darwinism is scientifically based on a conception of the aggressive and destructive nature, where the strongest prevailing over the weakest. Today we have scientific currents that already speak of a cooperation elements of nature, of an intrinsic order that if the entropy defended by more traditional scientific currents. Alternative science we get closer to the option of change that is occurring in the bosom of the same science that no longer accepts many of the strict parameters imposed by some scientists.

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