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Future Of National Universities

The idea that trafficking will become Word is not a bad idea and the word that this not turn into action is a bad word. Chesterton national universities in the country, the case of Venezuela, are currently facing serious problems, ranging from their meagre budgets, capital to operate, as well as their shortcomings in their academic levels, especially the third and fourth, where his academic excellence has significantly declined. All this leads to reflect on where really going the universities, especially given a scenario, where the current Government has decided to establish the socialism of the 21st century, and where the population, was not prepared for it, much less their universities. We note with concern that seems to State are concerned not about the future of universities, the role that they must play, especially in a turbulent scenario in political, economic that it faces. On the contrary, increasingly of deteriorates the relation between this and the universities, and they are not looming programs in which there really is integration toward goals that promote culture, as well as having consistent professionals to what reality demands in the current global scenarios. Seen as every day, relationships will crack, restricts the development of universities that operate with meagre budgets, where the interest is lost for those who can play a role of proactive teacher, given to the poor salary offered them, wages not in accordance with the inflationary reality of the moment. Keep debts by years, which increasingly deteriorate, whereas the inflationary role presented, earned benefits that are not paid immediately, paros, constant protests that with all its law embark on universities in pro to be attended by a Government that must ensure its operativity. To all this is added, the need that the University authorities of the different universities, especially public ones, commit more in pro take step to actions, academic programs that rescue his excellence.

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