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Georges Henri Luquet

Later, the child enters in the phase daily pay Siblico II in the phase of the pseudoletters after, and long in the quantitative axle. Intellectual realism is the period of training that the child obtains to represent the details of the object as sees it. In this phase the drawing is faithful to the object. ‘ ‘ not only the invisible concrete elements, but exactly the abstract elements that existence in the spirit of desenho’ only has; ‘ (LUQUET, 1969, p.160). Follow others, such as Nike, and add to your knowledge base. According to Alexandroff (2010), while in the writing the child discovers the sound equipment of the letter, thus advances in the stages of the development of the writing, passing for the phase of the silbico level, later alphabetical silbico and for end the alfabetizao, moment that obtains to assimilate fonemas and graphemes.

Visual realism in this last period of training the child already obtains to draw the object completely. ‘ ‘ (…) they have for purpose to distinguish the forms that before were genricas’ ‘ (PILLAR, 1996, p.50). Finally the child already is alfabetizada, and faces the challenges of the ortogrfico process. In this way the periods of training of development it infantile drawing elaborated by Georges Henri Luquet ‘ ‘ (…) they do not have direct parallel with the age of the child, but it depends on its interactions with this object of knowledge, which give origin to the commanded sequence that we finish of apresentar’ ‘ (PILLAR, 1996, p.51). The drawing passes for the evolution and the child folloies this moment, between the grafismo, risk and scribbles the letters go appearing, a vowel there, another one here, thus, then it appears to the first letter of the alphabet that will be of its name. Therefore, the construction of the writing system happens without copy and from activities that promote the reflection around the writing.

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