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Government Values

It is the vision of a Government that believes to be depositary of a mission divine where the good (them) must save the world from the enemy (the other). A country that boasts of being liberal, would necessarily have to respect the sovereignty of each country, nation and culture. Not tolerate, but respect and even understand that in the world there are different realities, contexts and cultures where the concept of democracy, progress, and free-market have no place. However, the President of the United States of America points out that: The great struggles of the twentieth century between liberty and totalitarianism ended with a decisive victory for the forces of freedom and a single sustainable model for national success: freedom, democracy, and free enterprise. Heritage Foundation has many thoughts on the issue. () People everywhere want to be able to speak freely; choose who will govern them; worship as they please; educate their children male and female; own property; and enjoy the benefits of their work.

These values of freedom are right and true for every person, in every society and the duty of protecting these values against their enemies is the common calling of freedom-loving people across the globe and across the ages. One thing is clear from the passage above: United States are unsure of its supremacy not only economic and military, but culturally. It affirms the values of liberal democracy as universal and as the only ones capable of building a prosperous society. ???? contributes greatly to this topic. And it goes beyond, values that have to be shared by absolutely all individuals are established. Who does not believe so, becomes an enemy that must be defeat, a threat not only to United States, but to the world. The discourse is manipulated. Always used the word world, planet, all mankind is that perhaps United States owns the world? Not should be limited to protecting their citizens? Placed to the otherness as something bad, unlike as enemy and not as a source of growth and development.

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