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Harvard Medical School

How to overcome this obstacle? 1 Eating at the table: the Europeans manage to keep in shape, in part, because savouring their meals, says Harold Solomon, director at the Harvard Medical School in Boston. Our tendency to chew food on the way, front of the television, or at our desks makes it easy to eat too much because we are distracted from our body’s hunger and satiety signals. If you sit at a table and savor your meal, you will eat healthier portions. 2. Keep a journal. For a whole week, observe their habits and feelings around food and exercise. Everytime you eat or skips exercise, ask yourself: how I feel at this moment? Record your observations in a small notebook that you can carry with you. After a week, see the study from your notes.

Can you identify a pattern? Perhaps you take a second portion of the dinner when you had a bad day. Recourse to a rain of ideas to overcome these situations. For example, on bad days, maybe you can rent a movie to feel better. 3. Take three deep breaths before eating. When we breathe slowly, we give us the opportunity and physical time to pause and pay attention, says Ina Denburg, yoga instructor in Mont Clair, New Jersey, and co-author of the diet of the diamond.

Deep breaths can avoid that you eat without thinking and the emotions that cause food to balance. (Research shows that deep breathing can even stop a panic attack.) Once you’re more relaxed, ask yourself if you are really hungry, says Denburg. If the answer is no, do not eat. 4 Distraction. Type a list of 20 rewarding or fun things that you can do when you have desire to eat that is not based on hunger, such as e-mail to a friend, exit a walk or read a book.

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