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Identity Paraguay

The Guarani language, SYMBOL OF THE IDENTITY OF PARAGUAY By Hugo Barrios Read original (click) at: ASUNCION, Paraguay – Guarani, which together with the Spanish was declared an official language Paraguay in 1992, is considered not only a language but a symbol of the identity of Paraguay. Although many Paraguayans are reluctant to give the due importance Guarani, the language has prevailed throughout history through its strong tradition. Guarani is part of the curriculum in primary and secondary schools. Children learn basic concepts as the meaning of words and grammatical rules from the first day of school. Despite the efforts, according to many educators the teaching level is not satisfactory. "I believe in teaching Guarani would need more motivation for students," said Nilza Florentin, Guarani language teacher. "It was an achievement to include in educational reform and give the same load time that the Spanish, but not enough.

"Methodology and scope are the main obstacles to the teaching of this language to younger generations, according to Florentin, BA in Communication Science." It is important to set aside the technicalities and teach more literature and stories in Guarani, "he said." oral tradition is essential. I dare say even more important than having perfect spelling or grammar. Talk and speak in Guarani is something beautiful, but it is sad to see how children learn words, sentences or phrases by heart without understanding what they mean. "David Galeano Olivera, author of several books in Guarani, and creator of the University of Language and Guarani culture, noted that the language has survived persecution throughout its history.

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