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Integral Vision

Promotion of the holistic education as related activity to improve the integral development of the individual and the conservation of spiritual health, which consequently brings the individual, social and global health, as well as the healing of humanity, the disposal of obsolete of mechanistic education and the integration of learning for meaningful learning communities, is one of the goals that Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava tries to disseminate in all levels of education in Mexico and at the global level. The present work of twelve of the works of Dr. Gallegos, 12 priceless productions where holism, perene philosophy and universal love go hand in hand for possible response to the current problems of humanity through education. We have thus seen emerge holistic education, the spirit of education, education of the heart, an Integral Vision of education, learning communities, learning to be, dialogues Holistas; Wisdom, love and compassion, the path of philosophy Perennial, education and spirituality, spiritual intelligence, life education, classroom activity holistic curriculum in addition to experiences in sessions and distance in virtual classroom.

Puts for consideration this job expecting to wake up or strengthen the interest in the holistic education to the total teaching population and the personnel responsible and involved in educational activities, and Yes to the preservation of our humanity. Before that nothing I can say that I am very happy to be studying the masters in holistic education and meet Dr. Gallegos, at first I thought the master was a teaching method, I thought I would acquire strategies of how control to a group, some dynamic etc. But not so, I am now fully aware of the importance and the need for a paradigm shift, in a way of thinking, a change and doing an integration of everything, (the holistic education excludes nothing everything joins it), and the responsibility that is working in the area of education with focus on learning for life and feel committed to it, was that I decided to enter this friendly holistic and take this new educational approach.

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