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Ken Wilber

It is common to hear that the outstanding student in the classroom is not necessarily that triumphs in his professional life. Ramon Gallegos (2007), mentions that these eight intelligences described in theory have the same importance and are potentially present in all human beings, so Gardner points out that all children are potentially geniuses in the less one of these intelligences, but as our educational system of mechanistic type not considered them important unfortunately remain in oblivion. The development of this theory of the Multiple intelligences, opened the way for a new stage in the investigation of the intelligence, so we have the work developed by Daniel Goleman and emotional intelligence based on the work of Gardner of interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence. Emotional intelligence mentions Ramon Gallegos is more important that academic intelligence or CI, because you can predict future success in social and professional life of students by controlling the feelings, the ability to stay calm and dominate their impulses. -The third time in the spiritual intelligence that has been developing at the beginning of the 21st century.

This intelligence is inclusive of the other two previous (C.I. (e) multiple intelligences) and transcends them, giving a new meaning to this term, placing it in a model full of human intelligence that takes into account the dimensions and levels of holarquica way. Howard Gardner with his theory of multiple intelligences It pluralizing intelligence but not integrate it. Ramon Gallegos (2007), indicates that multiple intelligences, one or another way, are based on what Ken Wilber has called the eye of the flesh and the mind’s eye, but do not reach to handle the eye of the spirit, that is, is just a mental and sensory abilities but not spiritual capabilities. Spiritual intelligence provide the ability to successfully tackle the problems of our lives. We get the ability to overcome the suffering, face conflicts and dilemmas in an integral manner, acting ethically, so it must be the center of all true education, as it is the case of holistic education.

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