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Living In Harmony With Nature

We have no other choice but to come to a state of complete balance with all of nature. Or in good time, or under the influence of the nature of shocks, which still force us to be interrelated. This mutual relationship should be expressed to our right, a good internal relationship not only to the nearest city, country, continent, or a civilization, and to all mankind. Michael Laitman 'Humanity tossing around the globe, like a herd of antelopes, a terrible predator hunted. And nowhere is there was no escape …

' This could be the beginning of another sci-fi blockbuster, but it seems that Hollywood has moved into the real world. Humanity is indeed close to the described as – a global crisis broke out in a globalized world. But do not write in predators crisis. Let's face it. Kabbalists say that the essence of man – is the desire to have fun hardly takes into account the interests of others.

That is human nature – it is selfishness. Many argue – I do not like that. But watch out for themselves. In every moment of our lives motivates us only wish: 'I want'. No matter what: money emotional comfort, honor, knowledge, but – I want! And as soon as the surrounding fail to meet this 'want', we will immediately cease to love them, often testing them hatred, until the desire to destroy. And we have little interest in how our actions affect others. If we believe in them, just for their own comfort.

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