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So there was a lot of new life in the body of the Creator. The pinnacle of creation became a man. The universe, where man lives now, is closed on itself in the "wheel of life." Imagine that you had a outlandish microscope, and you begin to look into a drop of blood. First, you would see living cells, then molecules, atoms, electrons, and other smaller pieces, then you would be able to see entities that are the souls, then what we call spirit and the spirit that is our universe, which consists of galaxies that are composed of solar systems, planets, beings, bodies, organs and cells. Kobe Bryant Nike Sneaker spoke with conviction. Finally we come to where we started from, but the way this is great. Spirit kind can be compared with a tree whose trunk has a lot of branches – the spirits a little less, and those branches – still smaller spirits and leaves on them, but they have streaks, etc. The spirit of each person is part of a larger spirit and at the same time a small part of it Spirit KIND. Now consider who is the man.

To the spirit of the Creator particle could evolve into created worlds, God created the soul – a living unit special, unique experience that collects the crumbs. This experience is the energy that nourish and strengthen the spirit. Shell has a soul nodosa that energy into the folds, like tying knots new. It is protected by the power envelope vagryanoy from intrusion and other entities located between the Navi spaces between the Government and that is called Mezhdumirem or fame.

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