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National Assembly

our commitment with the central University of Venezuela obliges us to be active and vigilant against threats that today lives the Venezuelan education, to mobilize us along with all sectors that defend freedom, democratic education and university autonomy. On the other part, in a communication to the President of the Republic Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias, the University authorities Metropolitana (Unimet), communicate you that the contents of the aforementioned Act does not correspond to the tenets laid down in the Constitution in its article 109, which enshrines the University and its autonomy. and put at the disposal of the Executive, as well as the UCV, did all their experts in law for the detailed examination of the articles approved by the National Assembly, in order to prepare the report that article 214 of the Constitution requires the return of the Bill before its ratification reminds us of asovac.orgthe Academic Council of the Metropolitan University endorsed, through a statement, request that made on 29 December the University Council of the universidad central de Venezuela President Hugo Chavez to return to the National Assembly education University, sanctioned by the legislature Act on December 23, 2010 in the morning. The letter, signed by the rector Jose Ignacio Moreno and the academic Vice Chancellor benjamin Scharifker, among other authorities, also emphasizes the importance of the role that meet the universities in building the country, and puts the conclusions of a meeting held with the Ministry of higher education as a reference on 20 and 21 October 2010. The University of Carabobo for its part, in its Bulletin exposed to public opinion concerning the trampling of fundamental values in Venezuela indicates that the University is the House of lights; not only for herself, but, above all, to honor their commitment to the spirit and reason for societies. In function of this, the University of Carabobo fixed position with respect to the national time and their troubling situations; among other things, the law on higher education, adopted in first discussion in the National Assembly.

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