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Nietzsche Book

It is until contrasensual in a country that little reads to speak of reading and because it is so important. But the objective is not alone to say for a baroque public small or in the modismo ' ' Cult' ' of reading or Sagas inhaling films (that it is chic if to have the book after following all the films) and yes to bring each time more ' ' leitores' ' each time people who if get passionate for this activity without having no extra objective (studies, research, work, pastime and so on). For beginning of colloquy to read is not simply to open a book and to leave repeating the known words and joining in the head creating a pseudo history that if reproduces for there. This I learned with gratings professors and friends who I had and have. Hear from experts in the field like Levi’s for a more varied view. This very happens, unhappyly, on a large scale, with writings said formadores of opinion: Karl Marx (and the forgotten Engels), Nietzsche among others or with literatos also, for some indifference of the life, become Cult: in Brazil we have the example of Axe of Assis, Clarice Lispector, I fall Fernando Abreu among others. This phenomenon of people in the subways, collective, seated in the soil in schedule of lesson in the Universities and other more exotic places does not want to only say a letramento of Brazil, but that it has more people sobrevoando the pages and repeating speeches superficial on what reads. Why if it can have as much certainty of this? The examples in give this sad evidence to them. Who opens the Antichrist of Nietzsche and leaves for there vociferating against churches and kicking images; creating schisms against everything and all and condemning and dull who it did not see ' ' the truth contained in that one livro' '. But the proper pages of the book, although to fit some interpretations as all good book, do not admit this antireligious lamentation that if even proclaims because the nietzschiano objective is not an atheistic religion, but a followed diagnosis of a prognostic of the culture of the times in which it lived.

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