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Orange Juice

'Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler "Albert Einstein I had the unique opportunity. My wife, Keralin, was supposed to go to a meeting, and she asked me if I could stay with our seven-month daughter Dayan. 'Of course! "- It was my instant reaction. (I really like being a father, it is my most favorite pastime, and I always enjoy spending time with their children – even if they now have 28, 24 and 19 years). I played with Dayan, and everything went fine.

After a while she began to fidget and cry. I knew exactly how to deal with it! From the works of Mr. Hubbard about raising children, I knew that if the baby cries, it means one of three – he needed to change the diaper, the child was tired and needed rest, or he is hungry and needs to be fed. It always works. I checked the diaper – dry and clean.

She just woke up and still not tired. Hence it is hungry! (I was proud his brilliant powers of deduction). Keralin cooked us fresh squeezed orange juice. I took a bottle of juice and started to feed Dayan – she instantly calmed down. 'I'm done! " – I thought to myself. Diana sucked a little, threw a bottle and cry again, this time louder. I again checked the diaper – clean and dry (and no crumbs, pins, which might annoy her). Perhaps she was tired – I tried to put her to sleep, but it was "none eye.

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