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Pedagogical Teaching

The professor when it exerts the docncia function, gradually its activities gain dimensions how much its formation and go if detaching for one series of abilities developed in its career, not for the titulao of professor, but, over all for the proper exercise of the function. However, its identity is not characterized with the exercise of the docncia. (For in such a way, in what it says respect to the teaching formation, BENEDICT, 1995, P. 131) it considers: ' ' The university professor learns to be it by means of a process of socialization in intuitiva, self-taught part or following the routine of the others. This if explains, without a doubt, due to inexistence of a specific formation as university professor. In this process, a more or less important paper plays its experience as pupil, the education model that predominates in the university system and the reactions of its pupils, even so does not have of if discarding the capacity of self-taught person of the teaching staff.

But it is insuficiente.' ' In this direction, we analyze that, even so not if she can discard the self-taught person of the professor and to recognize how much it can dominate the subject to teach, the approach greater if of the one for the practical inexperincia in the pedagogical one, that is, in the distance in the process teaching, making it difficult, thus, the construction of the lesson. In accordance with this argument, is clearly a basic trend of the necessity of the teaching formation for the superior education that says respect to the process education learning in university classroom. Many professors same being competent and dominating its area of knowledge, ' ' they leave desejar' ' how much to the didactics and better positions to lead a significant learning. Still in another boarding he appears an important factor how much to the superior courses and its professors.

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