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Plus Academy Celebrates

Benefit Cathedral 300 days discount promotion, 01 March 2011-300 PR professionals has trained the Academy for communications management until March 2011. That is reason to celebrate for the future participants. Benefit from 300 days discount! To celebrate this milestone, com + plus from 01.03.2011 for 300 days reduced tuition fee for each new participant to 680. Instead of 5.480 is to have the entire training package for 4,800 (VAT free). But also on some other screw is currently rotated at com + plus: This includes, for example, the analysis of potential, while studying now created for each participant. At the suggestion of the Alumni com + plus has introduced continue to intermediate elements, to facilitate learning control participants.

Well-tried retains com + plus: we know that aspects such as about the 24 hour care, individual feedback on the academic achievements, but also the personal contact and the practical application in the 17 days of the workshop, the Make up the quality of our education. For the feedback of our graduates speak”explains Prof. Klaus Merten, managing partner. Despite the numerous alternative training opportunities in the field of PR, the com + plus Academy is confident. We know what we have to offer. That may be the comprehensive and PZOK certified training concept, which includes 12 books with more than 2,500 pages, 241 exercises, more than 800 cases, 100 checklists and 4 practice workshops.

The variable course of study is also unique. The study is possible at any time, curriculums are created individually and can be reduced even on up to 6 months. Professional performance tips are well compatible with the study. So it is likely that it won’t be too long, until the com + plus Academy celebrates the next: the 500 graduates.

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