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Popular Explorations

It is very difficult to differentiate from each other ignorant, because the mass media are often handled by empirical and technicians, and ordinary human being who is not in the critical and analytical search of what they hear or see, simply recepta all not aware of thinking about the importance of this factor communicator. This is an emerging problem chained to another to form a vicious circle difficult to leave. In this analysis we reach the issue of popular culture, but initially what is popular culture? Is the culture of peoples which refers to the mass, but otherwise also makes review of what defines us as belonging to a nation or territory, giving us some kind of identity to a group. In our study, popular culture is compared with the character of an old lady saying it was an issue not previously oppressed (Dominant) and now press (dominates) this means that socio-communicative force that had its greatest virtue is now, leaving other manifestations that while important, are now part of the background, positioning the popular in a privileged position. It is important to recognize that the explorations of popular demonstrations that are made, the pieces performed by, and in turn produce a myriad of micro-scans that are not clear or accurate, and easily generate social change in scope. This phenomenon of popular initially appears as a solution for the differentiation needed to have certain social classes, but without taking into account that is more important if we care about the socio-cultural interaction of people within a society without discrimination or isolation wait any kind, and like the author I wonder what would happen if the well-established social change was in the hands of leaders and politicians who run hegemonic, ideological and economic society..

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