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Precollege Orientation

The next academic year 2010-2011 will be implanted permanently the European space of higher education in the universities in our country. Current students of high school that opt for these teachings will be integrated into a university system with new titles, as well as curricula and different teaching methodology. For to publicize his new academic offerings and orient first-hand to future students in their choice, universities organize open days, talks and guided tours to its facilities. University career choice complicates the next academic year more than ever. Students ending the baccalaureate, in addition to being who premiere new access testing, this course will be the first promotion that adapts fully to the European space of higher education. Already not eligible for any of the traditional titles of Bachelor and diploma.

Spanish universities in 2010-2011 catalogue only conform the new degrees and Graduate. The offer is diversified, each University has designed a few plans of studies for the same area of knowledge which may vary significantly. This join the changes that will affect the teaching methodology and the assessment, the new system of ECTS credits, competencies or mandatory practices. What can a student do to make the right decision? There are different channels for obtaining information and guidance on future higher studies. Web pages of universities themselves or actions carried out tutors in schools and guidance teams can be an appropriate first step to get closer to the new offer of higher education. But to know first hand and check in situ how can develop their academic years, the best option is to participate in any University orientation activities organized by educational institutions in their own rooms or outside them. Student orientation actions, parents, guardians and school guidance teams are the main recipients of different actions organized by universities throughout the year to publicize its academic offerings and the most relevant aspects that should attend the pre-university before its imminent access to higher education.

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