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Premature Ejaculation. Causes And Solutions Sexology

We found that premature ejaculation is the main condition that is related to male sexual health at the high rate of men who suffer around the world. Specifically, she is described as the inability to delay or stop ejaculation during sex to the point of being a mutual problem for partners. Basically Premature ejaculation may be primary or secondary. The first condition implies that man has always suffered from the dysfunction that has never been able to lead a satisfactory sexual life, usually as a result of a bad practice of masturbation in puberty and / or adolescence. As for the secondary premature ejaculation is one that is experienced at some stage of maturity by several factors whether a psychological or organic. This found that individuals living with this problem for long stages of his life, are much more likely to suffer from impotence and other sexual pathology.

As to the reasons or circumstances cause premature ejaculation or yield, can be noted mainly of psychological or emotional, that condition a slippage in feelings, leading to the excitation increases rapidly, the obvious trigger orgasm. In a very short percentage, the dysfunction is associated with urological problems, infectious or age. No one can speak of a cure for erectile dysfunction because it is not a disease but a dysfunction that should be offset by a re-education of behavior and response to sensations perceived in the sexual act, that is exercised properly and technically in search of the target. A good alternative is to apply the squeeze technique known where the man masturbates to be as close to ejaculation, when you squeeze your penis firmly reversing the arrival of orgasm. The disciplined practice and extended this technique, the individual will eventually acquire more control over their ejaculatory reflex. Also available are as known Kegel exercises, which are themselves focused on increasing the strength of the pelvic muscles of men with the aim of this contribution to a better sexual performance. However, if you actually take seriously the fight against premature ejaculation, there are treatments available to attack the problem substantially and guarantee a full recovery.

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