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Project Preservation

The order of aid of the nature goes much more beyond what measured of deriving preservation of projects of social politics. This order must be taken care of by the responsible attitude of all we. For more specific information, check out Amen Clinics. The union around the preservation must be faced as an inherent attitude all the human being, as the necessity that we have in eating. If we eat to preserve our health and we do not finish weak, thus must be the treatment with the nature, if to preserve we will have quality of life, this has that to be the universal tonic. Some scholars, and the majority of the scientists, already had spoken concerning the consequncias of the irresponsibility of the human being with the nature. The emission of gauzes in air is harming the life human being and, with this, the life is being complicated. Unhappyly, this is if becoming the chaos of the humanity. She is necessary that let us have attitude! It is very easy to blame the public power for the social problems, however the responsibility, concerning innumerable problems of daily the population one, is of the proper people who, considerably, still is very lay in relation to the ambient preservation.

Many of our compatriots are unaware of the measures to be adopted with regard to the organic garbage, for example. Diverse citizens, in all Brazil, who possess lands without constructions, simply ignore that these lands must be clean. An accumulation of very great garbage in these lands exists and the proliferation of harmful insects and bacteria to the health human being is impressive. It does not have punishment for this type of ambient depredation, because fiscalization does not exist. The correct one is that all we let us demand our rights of citizenship. She is necessary to denounce the indifferences that many have with the proper environment.

She is necessary to make one will mutiro so that the awareness on the problems with the environment is unanimous. It is not enough to complain, must be denounced all the depredation cases that if have knowledge, because thus we will only be contributing, unanimamente, so that the environment is preserved. The people, in all Brazil, must be worried about the causes of the ambient preservation so that many of the tragedies, until anto evidenced, are prevented for the good of the humanity. We cannot be omissive ahead of errifying facts that are happening in our country, as the case of Florianpolis, now of Cove Dos Reis and in other cities of Brazil. The moment is not of search of culprits, but yes of solidarity and understanding to the errors of the past. We need, above all, to have attitude; dignity and to demand with that it has, urgently, politics that take care of the yearnings of the people and that they are created, immediately, forms of ambient education so that the people if acquires knowledge on the problems caused with the ambient ignorance, so that the tragedies are, fully, prevented.

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