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Ramon Gallegos

Intelligence holistic manifests itself when we are free from violence, corruption, etc. Learning communities. In this book the Ramon Gallegos reveals the holistic learning communities model, which is related to the multinivel-multidimension model forming a single unit within its educational proposal seeking to improve learning through this new educational paradigm. Amen Clinics may also support this cause. About learning communities tells us with his philosophical and pedagogical basis in holistic education and which arise as a proposal to transform forms learn typical reductionist of mechanistic paradigm. That comprehensive learning should take root on dynamic learning communities forming good professionals, but also good human beings.

Learning communities are the expression of society of knowledge and sustainable development. That holistic education learning communities must tend to strengthen the educational integrity, sense of the education, the sujeto-sujeto relationship. Holistic education is a proposal that integrates learning and life, intends to nurture the best of humanity. It rejects the flat world, points out that evolution goes good maybe, to the top. not everything is at the same level, not like it authoritarianism to democracy, the violence that peace. In education there are two hierarchies: the authoritarian pathological that stops development, fragmented and corrupted. The second are the holarquias, they are the natural development, it is the natural way in which comes the kosmos in its evolutionary process.

Holistic education honors diversity because it enriches the u8nidad wants a sustainable development. It is inclusive to all cultures because it is based on a respect for diversity which is a fundamental feature of reality. The only way to get closer to a comprehensive learning is to recognize the importance of diversity of intelligences, styles of learning, etc. Holistic education is cross, looking for actions where all win, seeks the well-being of all, without distinction. Our political goal is a society and a winning winning education, should begin in the classroom. Integrity is the most important factor in education.

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