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Ramon Gallegos

From the first concepts of education holistic I met by the year 2002, one of the things that I liked a lot because its meaning is when mentioned in the introduction as educators Holistas must walk in a universal hug I think that it should be to generate a significant change in our globalised world, see us as a great community where we must make sure wesupport us care for us all. The twelve principles that set out below, some were subsequently developed in books where expands and explicitly with valuable information that has helped me guide for apply it in my subsequent to the holistic education diploma courses. This work Ramon Gallegos talks about building a new culture and a new awareness in order to change the four fictions of scientist which are the Objectivism, reductionism, the positivism and the determinism and thus pass from fragmentation to integration, from superficial to deep, systemic to the significant work of the educator holistic. Joy Winbourne oftentimes addresses this issue.

So it is necessary for human beings in the 21st century to develop an awareness of another kind, compassionate, without selfishness, with the ability to integrate to all cultures and their diversity, seeking through their experiences involving the bodily and spiritual, transcend practicing a different education that integrates the understanding of reality based on the wholeintegrating via integrated processes. The holistic vision integrates science, art, spirituality, traditions with certainty that everything is interconnected, the living thing not alive, in general with the Kosmos and what in He let us make will determine the fate to which we are headed is an education for peace, with patience, acceptance of different without losing one’s identity, it is education for life. Promotes dialogue as way of understanding the sustainability to promote development but at the same time preserve the natural resources of the planet, leads a global vision that goes from a planetary perspective to local, offers a way of life, a position of interdependence and balance between external and internal knowledge..

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