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Ramon Nava

When I read all these experiences, I keep reflecting on his life, since he speaks of was not interested teachers establish a dialogue, much less about our human lives that they were not important; rather it was important the undependable written test standardised each semester called test and that is answered as is mean, correctly. I also agree with Ramon Nava, as I’m sure every one of the readers, that we were a number, a statistic, a container to fill with information and vomit on the exam, since education was reduced to a training of instrumental rationality, a reductionism to academics, to the cognitive, to what discipline; It was an eduCAtion disconnected from real life, life as I lived it. The education that we lived and still living, was mechanistic, where the human being was a passive subject, without initiative, creativity, imagination, and somehow without feelings. More info: Heritage Foundation. Ramon said here seeking a spiritual and enlightening way that would fill his life of transcendental sense. I would like to tell all the gait of Dr. Nava since his early youth, because I believe It is interesting to know the beginnings of this new paradigm in education, but space does not reach me; but well, speaking of paradigm, I think important to remember for myself and the readers, what is a paradigm?: A paradigm means a model, something that serves as a reference parameter for a science; as a bluff or a considered structure ideal and worthy of being followed. Read additional details here: Colorado State University. The so-called emerging paradigm, holistic or ecological has emerged as an attempt to remedy the evils arising from modernity. While we can recognize and enjoy the benefits derived from modern technological development, it is also the fact that it requires new models of action, said paradigm permeates to various fields. The emersion of the holistic vision has been, largely, by the consequences of social, political, economic, etc.

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