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Recurrent Diseases

I noticed that once a lion, and invited me to his cat, promising him paradise. I heard a cat at night, the mouse scratching. Waylaid her and ate it. Hears a lion, the mouse no longer makes noise, I realized that her cat ate, and the cat stopped bringing different pickles. Emaciated cat and ran away from a fast back to the village. The point is that the primary duty of the servants – to do so, so that the owner had always thought that, without servants, he will not do.

That's how our doctors. They say people are diagnosed, do not pronounce, and as they say in medknizhkah. His handwriting and dismantle themselves with difficulty. But the patient creates the view that it is not the doctor and his designated treatment is necessary. Especially if the disease is really serious, such as herniated spine. The neurosurgeon has always insisted on the operation, although there is a non-surgical methods of restoring the structure of the disk at 100%. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Easily removed stones from the kidney and liver. Fine treating genital diseases, respiratory tract, joints and skin diseases. Yes, to name a few. And doctors at all enough. Real, working for the sake of duty. And observe the Hippocratic oath. Now in their methods, even AIDS are treated. But where is now a specialist to take? That is the question. And not that "sick or not sick."

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