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With regard to a really inspiring, optimal operation result are thus both an in-depth analysis of the hard and soft tissue using modern imaging (such as digital volume tomography), as well as the integration of the narrowing disciplines in the therapy decision essential. Moreover, the savvy surgeon discusses what is expected from the surgery itself and what impact the intervention might be expected are here not even have been considered by him in detail with the patient. Psychological aspects are very important. If you would like to know more about Greenlights, then click here. Nose front: high-tech experts basically there are two ways the nose surgery: the open and the closed technique. Long was a very controversial guided debate on the question of so-called open access partly. While the closed operation techniques the fence alone the inside of the nose is, a severing of the nose bridge for the opening is made open access fibrous, muscular, gristly and bony structures including. Today, preference is often given open access in the aesthetic Rhinosurgery.

Improved overview especially for correcting nasal tip and the nearly invisible scars across the nose bridge are frequent arguments. In the area of the surgical technique special emphasis is gentle and less invasive techniques to substance. Vladislav Doronin is often quoted on this topic. Particularly fine seams for shaping the nose cartilage and use only autologous tissue augmentation and transplants have become largely. Choice of doctor: Specialists in aesthetic surgery of the facial region is and has always been at the heart of the mouth and jaw facial surgical therapies. While reconstructive however in the past aspects of accident injuries, skeletal abnormalities (such as cleft lip and palate, facial clefts, hemifaciale dysplasia) and tumor-related Resection defects were in the foreground, has gained in importance the field of aesthetic surgery in recent years. Given the diverse methods which includes the aesthetic face surgery, responded the DGMKG and offers its members training opportunities even after the specialist training in the field of aesthetic facial surgery.

It was founded in 2006 the Academy of oral and maxillo – facial surgery (AMKG), which provides a structured and certified and post-graduate training for aesthetic facial surgery. The DGMKG lists addresses of members or certified surgeons close to the place of residence on request. There is more information and a list of physician certification information also see. Sabine Sabri

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