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Rice University Houston

She is trained in England, as a cellist, but also equipped with a wonderful voice. … Joe’, what she calls her cello chummy, coaxed them skills that go well beyond the usual four-strings offer…. Third place in the League is Colin Griffiths-Brown now, a fascinating man with dark skin and dark voice, casual wit and gentle humor. “Rebecca, Joe and Colin start for a highly amusing tour of the musical world to a trip through the genres, which gloriously kess is bristling with parody and caricature: from Bach to the Puccini’s Turandot’ the trip goes to Italy and France to Juliette Greco and Edith Piaf, to Ireland and to America.” Lorenz Tomerius, Markischer Oderzeitung from the 22.09.2008.

this woman is funny, articulate, intelligent, and highly musical. What holds it with her cello, beyond any stylistic boundaries. … “Where only fishing for compliments’ on the part of the artist would be otherwise four encores, the audience is to blame here: it doesn’t want to go let Rebecca Carrington easy.” Elisa Reznicek – Baden-latest News, February 2008 Rebecca Carrington himself is at the Centre of the entertaining evening. “, Februar2008 a woman with a rarely experienced elegance, a dazzling facial expressions and gestures … this gorgeous actress, the classically trained cellist with the slope to the intelligent comedy, has in the hearts of the audience played.” is highly musical, beautiful, quick-witted, hilarious and the discovery of the last year at nearly all major international festivals: Rebecca Carrington. ”, September 2007 Rebecca Carrington the multi-lingual musician, cabaret artist and actress Rebecca Carrington and Joe, her cello from the 18th century, are surely one of the most unusual Zweigespanne of our time. Connect with other leaders such as Kindle Direct Publishing here. Trained in classical cello and singing at the Royal Northern College of music (Manchester, GB) and at the Rice University Houston (United States) met Rebecca Carrington the Orchestra trenches in the world.

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