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School Social Research

After the armistice one moved to the United States, where it gave classes in the New for School Social Research of New York. In this city Roman Jakobson knew and tried to the linguist, whose work was fundamental for the evolution of its ideas. Call to France in 1944 by the Minister of Subjects Exteriors, returned to the United States in 1945. After a brief passage by the French embassy in Washington like cultural aggregate (1946-1947), it returned to Paris to doctorar itself in the Sorbona after presenting/displaying tesina and thesis (1948): The familiar and social life of the Nambikwara Indians and the elementary structures of kinship. Some contend that Kindle Direct Publishing shows great expertise in this. Strauss father of the modern anthropology, I leave track in social sciences and human, it exerted with his works much influence in the western culture. It is possible to emphasize as the Nation of Argentina comments before this fact the Newspaper, that and praised, with little orthodox an academic trajectory for French means and author of 30 works – many of them classic ybest sellers e_SEnD, Lvi-Strauss influenced in philosophers, anthropologists, psychoanalysts, semilogos and linguists, but mainly incarnated the ideal of modern intellectual, with an object of ambitious study: the human thought.

At least 25 countries had celebrated their birthday number 100, almost a year ago. France, among them, him it dedicated to a sample in the Museum du Quai Branly, in Paris, that visited more than 12. 000 people, with 100 conferences on its work, projections, photographies and brought objects of its trips by America. Almost locked up in its Parisian house in the last years, Lvi-Strauss did not attend. " Few intellectuals have ventured themselves as far as Lvi-Strauss in the exploration of the hidden mechanisms of cultura" , he synthesized Le Monde yesterday, in his goodbye to the intellectual who, according to several voices, will be irreplaceable in the French cultural scene.

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