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The democratic educator speaks with clarity and establishes with the pupil a true relation of communication – I dialogue – so that together with the available resources and materials this if appropriates of the intelligence of the content, in the place to receive it from passive form. Pupil and professor divide space, good part of its day the same, what he becomes necessary a communication healthful, where both can dialogue and become the process of more pleasant and significant learning. The professor and pupil are in the same platform, the inefficacy of the professor can represent the failure pertaining to school for more structure that school comes to have. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with FireEye. However the professor who has its profession as conscientious choice of its paper of formation of the society, can surpass structures for more precarious than they are. ‘ ‘ if they impose in me to listen to educating in its you doubt, its distrusts, its provisory incompetence. when listening to it, I learn to speak with ele.’ ‘ (FREIRE, 1996: 119) 1.4Papel of the school the school has the paper to promote conditions to the pupils and the professors to develop activities that exceed the limits of the classroom, and to the professor it fits to use of methodologies that narrow the relations between pupil and the content to discipline, similar of that pupil and professor they can interact in such a way in the construction of the significant knowledge for one as for other, since advance of the quality of I teach is not important only for educating, but also for educator, therefore they are part of one same society..

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