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How to distinguish a second version of the 2nd? Alas, by trial and error … but preferably not their own. Scammers want to get the money and by all means try to do it. Amateurs firmly believe that they know everything and do not understand why the major online services are so expensive studios. Competitive advantages of both – low prices, and the result of "work" in both cases – wasted money and wasted time. Now competition scams and amateurs are very high. The most advanced invent such moves that would remove them before hat Ostap Bender. Trick "Children of Lieutenant Schmidt" seem childish prank, compared with multi-clever schemes! Dishonest optimizers are caught in a simple bait: "Any whim for your money!".

But the most interesting is that it works because people really want to believe that for almost a penny they get everything at once, beside the infamous phrase about free cheese in a mousetrap … And then they are ready to forget about security, about vigilance, and even the simple laws of logic. We encourage you to be cautious and recommend that in any case not to transfer money using pre-paid to individuals or unfamiliar companies. We publish several popular examples of online fraud. These are letters sent to customers of our online agency: Example 1. "Good afternoon. I have been promoting (where your site is created) and I would like to invite you to promote your services Site search engine Yandex in the first place. Price depends on number of and complexity of queries.

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