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Social Assistant

The pupil passes to be respected, to be heard, to be understood in its totality as individual. This happens because the organization of the school is another one, is alternative. In partnership with the Social Assistant, the teacher goes discovering the problems of personal order that affected the life of this pupil (and not they were few). Only with the support of this school that the pupil at last obtains to alfabetizar itself. She had a work of partnership between professor, social assistant and the other pupils so that the alfabetizao process had success. The partnership idea that we cite at the beginning of the work, was extended here, and observes a joint effort of all the school in the promotion of this pupil. An example to be followed, adopted for all the schools, in our opinion.

Another question presented in the film that deserves our consideration is related the position of the teacher in classroom. The method that it uses to motivate its pupils really to learn and not only to take off the diploma. It transforms the interesting learning into something, not plastered. It suggests that the pupils learn to write a daily one, something that says regarding them. In such a way the teacher breaches with ' ' beab' ' transforms concrete, next and useful the alfabetizao into something for them. Ratifying our consideraes you initiate on alfabetizao without prescription. The teacher also one revealed untiring with regard to the learning of the pupils, therefore it talked separately with the protagonist of the film to understand more than close its difficulties, its limitations.

functioned. From this moment the main personage becomes more confident and starts to believe same it. He motivates yourself for the initial motivation of the teacher who was of meeting it. A partnership ' ' al' ' it was established facilitating all the learning process.

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