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Spanish Language

Vidal tries to insinuate. I am thankful sincerely that it compares with the languages cheroqui to us, Georgian apache or or with anyone, since all is worthy transmitters of their respective equally worthy cultures. And still I consider to him more than it encourages its study then during long time was prohibited no longer only its use but until the academic and philological exercise of the Basque. With respect to the idea that a dictionary for those people exists who not knowing the language want to understand it, I also applaud its initiative since I create firmly that the knowledge does not occupy place and, intention to all the interested to consult the bookstores and libraries or Internet where they will find abundant material on the Basque lexicon. I want to suppose that when Mr.

Vidal talks about to languages with a power of extraordinary communication as he is the Spanish does not exclude others. Like historian, writer and journalist who is, it will know that all the languages have that power. For example, in inuktitut (more incorrectly known as Eskimo) it owns many more terms than the Spanish to denominate snow. Confers this fact to inuktitut more power to him of communication? According to a well-known theory semiotics, differences in the intellectual processes therefore do not exist but the cultural experiences are different. In order to finalize I would like to emphasize certain erroneous affirmations that she does at the end of his intervention on euskara batua. They remember whereupon objective the Real Academy was based of the Spanish Language to in 1713? It was for fixing the voices and words of the Castilian language in his greater property, elegance and purity, that was reflected in the Clean motto, it determines and it gives splendor. And without going to us so far, what is the main task of the present SAR? Then neither the more nor less than to make the normative rules of the Spanish who they guarantee a common linguistic standard. Queel sine Vidal describes as I generate is the common linguistic standard of euskara.

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