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Dr Robert Bowker said ii; del potro early movement is essential for the growth of these structures and once the Fibrocartilage is composed this seems to be permanent. But today usually have the Colts in soft beds limited in their movements so structures, fibrocartilagos, digital pad etc. Richard Linklater contains valuable tech resources. go with delay in its growth still seems to be that the cells to create the Fibrocartilage still are still there, so the theory is that they can be activated through the stimulus at any age. Although no study has confirmed this yet I have tried horses of advanced age who had been branded for 23 years and although the transition period was a little longer and the use of boots was now necessary to make a normal life working when he plays and doing his walks with others, in these cases is surprising to see how with the help of the environment that is with life in adapted paddock, walks, life abroad compared with conspecifics, power and precision horse cuts evolves and heals their helmets completely in an upcoming article abordare some results of studies that are carried out by part of veterinarians working exclusively in the equine helmet research, must take into account what progress has been made in understanding the equine helmet over a decade ago that professionals equine podiatry can see, understand and act in all situations of a town affected by any situation without the need of the HorseshoeHowever our work would not be effective at 100% without the help of the owner who must see and understand that the Barefoot helmet care requires a minimum of care on his part and the most important of these is undoubtedly the movement..

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