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Success In The School From The Outset

What skills should bring children for schools looking for the ways to improve the level of education in our country, the views of politics and science fell soon after the first PISA study on the facilities of child care before school. Suddenly, you saw that education not only begins with the first day of school, but many things are already created. Time Windows”the speech and who exactly knew, the concern was over was, that his child had no chances in life, if it was not early promoted. But, that would mean that all today’s over 30 – or 40-year were underdeveloped and uneducated. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Nike and gain more knowledge.. Because they grew up in institutions for children, in which they have been lovingly looked after and actively promoted. American filmmaker may not feel the same. Is it the environment that causes that kids are different today developed as the children of the 70s? Anyway, the good thing about the debate is that worked out, what skills a child needed, to exist in the school from the outset. The so-called precursor capabilities include not only letter and numbers skills, also emotional and social skills are important, a child must know yourself and trust, but accept others and recognize their feelings.

It is important that a child can deliberately and consciously perceive with the ear, with the eyes, with the hands, with the nose, tongue. Only then it can describe something it can assess its environment, such as whether it must run away, because it smells like fire, or whether it should go up, because it smells of cotton candy. The better a child dominated his body and can selectively control his fingers, the easier it will do himself when writing but also help to sit still in class. A truism seems to be that a child who comes into the school, can think and yet small wonder teacher, or is if children can understand no logical relationships or even recognize, if they are not able to describe an experience Orders to remember.

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