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The total of shooting, ideological and cultural war that you release that if you’re not with me you are against. The capitalist economic system that supports the politician and is possible because the nightmare of seeing a few Swedish academics giving awards to Socialist creatures ande widespread collapses or Communist discoverer of cosmic enigmas of the same ideological nationality. Horror and hypocrisy of this world! He limps and fears the global political right and is easy to see everywhere the exercise of cynicism and convenience. A prize of peace which is in reality of the war, or a prize for literature which is really convenient ideological support, in the midst of a liquid institutional ideological Stampede in crisis. See FASEB Journal for more details and insights. I.e.

a Nobel for literature that is not literature, but political. Thus, the award to the writer Mario Vargas Llosa seems frame in the last words, subtracting brightness to your figure, instead of adding. In the context of the stated animalescos fears of Western civilization and the consequent politicization of the criteria of the Swedish Academy, behind the awarding of the prize will have to suspect that does not reward his work much as their action politician known by all anti-communist, anti-socialist, specifically in time present when their positions have been very specific against Venezuela and its Bolivarian revolution, and have been long against the Cuban. And precisely in a region of the planet that seems to fracturing of the capitalist scheme of world political right. Nobody will have to interpret that the writer’s work does not deserve recognition as a historical and socio-political contribution in the Latin American area (Green House, city and dogs, the war of the end of the world), but must denounce, Wow!, that after the granting of the Nobel Peace Prize to Obama the other Academy Awards are listed as lots of candies in a circus. His composure was lost.

Tell with everything what may be missing in this brief article for argument, that the award given to Vargas Llosa is political rather than literary. One reason: the writer was virtually retired and his work, with all its importance, appeared as areas covered on the shelves of libraries. Other: behavior in their last years of literary retirement has been mainly political, defence of the neo-colonial and capitalist world system (being the Peruvian origin), circumstances that you led him up to candidatearse for the Presidency of his country. Who can believe that inocentemnte by writer, not politician, reward it now precisely that he himself had confessed having abandoned writing and find it difficult to exercise it? Point-to-point is the Academy of implant mode post-mortem of awarding prizes, as postulated corpses evolve towards political positions of fierce defense of the system, i.e. to purpose of this fabularia discussion of humans to dogs, but dogs gatekeepers. Original author and source of the article

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