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The Bible

Besides money, for many idealistic young people, seems to be enveloped in a mysterious cloud of evil. They think that money is the root of all the evils. They see a corrupt world managed by greedy adults and attribute it to the evil power of money. Point is at this where a solid financial education should start. Parents can place a good basis in the financial education of their children if they help them to relate properly with him.

The Bible clearly says that the love of money is the root of all the evils. (1. Timothy, 6: 10) must teach their children that money is a tool that can be used for good or evil. They should also understand that the money is more than a necessary evil. It is a resource that can provide them with much happiness by allowing them an economic well-being that will give them the freedom to spend more time with his family, devote himself to what excites them and doing good. To arouse interest in money and their children for proper handling, two stages should be differentiated in their children’s lives: before 12 years after age 12 before 12 years around age twelve the most children they begin a transition to abstract thinking, identifying themselves and search for their own truths. In other words, they are no longer children. Childhood is a stage in which the parents should take advantage of creating the necessary foundations for their children to succeed in life.

The child is 100% receptive to the teachings of their parents and adopts the principles of life are taught him without questioned them. In this stage parents can foster the financial education of their children in various ways: 1. be a good role model children learn much observing what we do. Do not just teach the theory of good resource management.

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