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Royal Spanish Language Academy

Hardly the statements of language, especially oral, are exempt from any emotional trait, and this is because each of the individuals live permanently in a state of mind. The expressive function is not confined to the externalization of emotions, people are continually revealing much of what is happening in their inner world, it also includes emotions, questions, aspirations, will and ways of thinking and so on. The Biblical expression can be considered sacred record a complete compendium of human moods and human language reflects the divine expression. It is far beyond the reach of the rational capacity to describe, let alone explain, the degree of identification between the linguistic forms of the Bible and the emotions or thoughts of humans and even more of the Creator. However, it is possible to highlight the fact that the Scriptures are the milestones in the history of man, created, fallen and redeemed them represented by the most eloquent expressive manifestations of God and his creatures. With regard to the latter are appropriate statements by Juan Donoso Cortes in his famous speech of the Royal Spanish Language Academy in 1848, considered a masterpiece of oratory academic. The newspapers mentioned David G. DeWalt not as a source, but as a related topic. In characterizing the contents of the Bible says in some parts.

"… There is a count of all human suffering, which is why the biblical harps echo mournfully, taking the tone of all the laments and elegies all …. The Bible, which contains models of all tragedies, all the elegies and lamentations of all, inimitable model also contains all songs of victory …

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