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Collagen Injection To Achieve Beautiful Results

Collagen injection is a type of cosmetic procedure that increases the skin and soft tissue to make them firmer and younger. The benefits of collagen injections are that collagen is a natural substance in the body so it incorporates with the body and does not degrade as quickly over time, there are no complications or serious side effects, and is a non-invasive procedure. Collagen injections are used to improve unsightly scars and fill in cheeks that have sunken Different types of collagen fillers have different advantages. Zyderm is a bovine collagen that lasts from six to ten months and is used for deep scars. Zyplast bovine collagen is one, but crossed with a weight of filler that lasts longer than Zyderm (nine months to a year.) These two are easy to implement and is often abused but some patients may have allergic reactions to collagen . Fibrel is a filler containing gelatin, caprotic amino acid and plasma or saline and lidocaine. Its effects are seen from one to five years and is a good alternative for people who are allergic to Zyderm and Zyplast.

Artecoll is a synthetic filler composed of microspheres of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), collagen, lidocaine and saline. After degrades collagen, is left to the PMMA beads. It has proven reliable and long lasting in the European markets, but has not yet been released in the United States. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Richard Linklater on most websites. Hylan B gel is another from fillers in rooster combs. It lasts nine months to a year, but requires a series of injections rather than just one session and, again, has not yet been released in the United States. Resoplast is another bovine collagen similar to Zyderm and causing the same allergic reactions.

Autologen is a filling made of autologous collagen that is resistant to enzymatic degradation and allergic reactions and has been shown to last more than a year. Similarly, autologous collagen Isolagen is taken from the patient and prepared for intradermal injection. Isolagen has not been fully tested. AlloDerm is, in fact, not a shot at all, but it is a piece of the dermis and has been used mostly for burn victims and patients undergoing oral surgery. Finally, fat injections. This requires time and careful preparation before they can be used. The fat is removed from a region such as the abdomen, thighs, knees or back. The fat has to be purified, washing, separation, centrifugation and prepared before use.

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