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Haan Sustainable

UNESCO award for sustainability in the CJD youth village for Offenburg, Germany which is school garden of special vocational school (SBFS) in the CJD Jugenddorf Offenburg in these days as “Official project of the Decade of education for sustainable development of the United Nations” lined out. On the occasion of her visit to the village of youth, the Offenburger Bundestag Sibylle Laurischk could officially present the distinction. Because the SBFS is a special professional preparation with a one-year term, extend the existing since 2004 school garden with each class. “In our classroom, we want to convey project competence”, explains Peter Bissert, technical teacher SBFS and initiator of projects. Young people should edit during their one-year school from planning to presentation a complete project. So various projects implemented by young people in recent years, where each was the issue of sustainability at the Centre.

“It was also important to us that the pupils and students a feeling” to develop, to leave traces of themselves in life”, adds Peter Bissert. And featured tracks have left young people, whether in the construction of the Tower of life, a Huhnerstalles or a greenhouse. Also was a well beaten, a windmill pump installed and built high pond and raised bed. Most recently, an urban gardening project with now 18 raised beds could be initiated. For the management, bed godparents were won from the population, as well as from regional institutions. The project work continues for future generations of students. So to install a rainwater collection system for irrigation of raised beds. There is also a solar system in the school garden.

To sustainability in society and especially in the educational system, designed by the German Commission for UNESCO in the framework of the UN Decade “Education for sustainable development (2005-2014)”. “Learning sustainability must be in school, training and study course. Only so future generations can global issues such as the Tackle climate change”, as Prof. Gerhard de Haan, educationist and Chairman of the German National Committee for the UN Decade”Education for sustainable development”. To promote this goal, projects and communities will be awarded for outstanding commitment. In addition to the CJD Jugenddorf Offenburg received already over 1,700 projects and communities the coveted “official project of the UN Decade of education for sustainable development”.

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Veterinary Academy

When it rains a long time after the application of digestate not, the substrate is not washed off also of the plants. Therefore the hygiene guidelines are all the more important to pay attention to a possible contamination with EHEC, Clostridium botulinum and avoid also salmonella germs and more just in dry periods (hand hygiene clean wash the fruits). And the fermentation rest mass from biogas plants? Biogasrestmasse stinks”not – represents so sure an ideal fertilizer for vegetables and other fruits, which also always happy as the particularly positive feature” is presented. Latency by spreading the digestate to the harvest time are not known to us. Theoretically you could so am applying the same day of the harvest is still Biogasrestgarmasse on the fruit (on the field). Studies by Marta Carballa et al.

(2008) have shown that are also Colikeime in the Digestate which then may be infectious after spreading on the vegetable fields can be found, (or whatever) might be. Scientists already even when spores of Clostridium botulinum suggest this when introduced into the bio gas deposits risk materials such as chicken manure, food waste and slaughterhouse waste as substrates. Also here is a high risk of infection of chronic botulism for humans and animals. The question must be asked: do not Biogasrestmasse involves countless unknown health risks for humans and animals? In the Gottingen Declaration on the problem of chronic botulism research requiring necessarily, which must give answers about possible dangers of these possible risks. So far, knowing relatively little for the behavior of spores of Clostridium botulinum in biogas plants. The population has a right to know the role of bio-gas plants on a potential health hazard to play. No new biogas plant before these health risks can not be excluded, you can approve but confidently as founder and Director of the agricultural and Veterinary Academy (AVA) in the Munsterland Horstmar empty, Ernst-Gunther Hellwig. Ernst-Gunther Hellwig, agricultural and Veterinary Academy (AVA)

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