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Pike Fishing

Debilitating fever is long gone. From a long-awaited summer holiday there were only pleasant memories: a long way from Moscow to Divnomorsk ten blissful and carefree days of beach holiday and the traditional evening Fishing on the Black Sea. It was like yesterday. And then I look out the window – winter is … Frost stifle lakes and rivers. If you would like to know more about Richard Linklater, then click here.

But I'm like a fisherman does not miss and this time of year with its cool flourishes – as the saying goes: "We cold not care!" I do not like to sit with for hours on end and mormyshku pull perch smaller than a pinky. Dubious pleasure of it. My pick – pike. If we are to catch, so catch! So be it, to share with you, dear readers, in their own way fishing in the winter zherlitsy, which usually I catch toothy predator. Zherlitsy – guileless tackle. This is similar to daylight fishing catching on mugs, and the difference lies in the fact that zherlitsy immobile and the angler does not need a boat for their installation.

In a familiar body of water in the winter angler can find whirlpools, holes and rapids and easy access to the catchability of places where hidden pike and burbot, the ice bridge. Zherlitsy consists of thick fishing line, sinker and a hook-tee, which fixed on a small m Cable or leash ready – from a reliable insurance schuchih teeth. Fishing lines dangle or Nylon thread on special short rod and reel, fishing line with a biting freely unwound. To secure the rod red flag that signals a bite. In the role of live bait – roach or ruff. Drop a float about two feet from the bottom, attracting predators. Zherlitsy can be set for a long time, checking once a day and updating the live bait. On fishing on predators pervoledyu take well and may have to run from tackle to tackle quite often to get the catch. In order to tackle not be frozen in the ice, well that is running zherlitsy, it is necessary to cover a piece of cardboard and sleep loose snow. No tail, no scales!

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Professional Or Amateur Video?

Every man there are moments in life that I would like to keep in memory for years to come. And the vivid impressions of the events are remembered, and bring joy and happy memories of the past. Over time, the details events may fade in memory dims emotional content of memories. But video footage, can resurrect the thrills of the event and details of what was going to recover. One of the brightest events in the life any person – a wedding. And the video of the wedding – is a colorful reminder of her. Wedding videography is not the easiest kind of shooting.

Since this is a family event to remember forever and, accordingly, a film about him must be quality of technical and artistic execution. For this you need to turn to professionals in the studio, which is engaged in professional videography, weddings and other celebrations. Do not forget also order and assembling footage. Indeed professional montage Clip too substantial factor qualitative video. And better if his will do people who themselves attend events sensed atmosphere of celebration, witnessed the events that took place at the ceremony. If you still yourself be willing to learn how to use a video camera and shoot the events of your life and the lives of your loved ones, then you should to study the literature on this topic. There are many books about shooting and editing video, but each of them belongs to a certain type of camera.

Sometimes the camera, recorded on tape, DVD-drive and flash drive. The best option for a novice operator will be shooting on a disk or flash-card as a video viewing will not be any problems. Professional videography – not such a simple science, so do not expect to understand her several hours. And if you is not enough literature, it is best to look like special courses on video, it will explain the basic principles of video cameras, stage sets, lighting, and tell how mount video, add sound. But the choice is yours, or learn everything yourself and then take off without a guarantee of quality results, because quality work enough experience or go to the professionals. After all, professionalism only comes with experience, a set of theoretical knowledge can never replace the practice of shooting. And only an experienced professional videographer is able to reflect not only the chronology of events, but this emotional events.

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Features And Nuances In Training Dogs Of Various Breeds

Education and training of dogs of each breed – it's one of the key words for the owners, eager to have bred dog that will not throw up challenges to them or around them. From there, before take your puppy, you need to decide: Are you ready to give it enough time and attention. Cats of various breeds require, of course, different amounts of time to train with them. So, with the lap dog you can play ball walk down the street, etc. A dog's breed German shepherd are more serious breed, and time for its drill and education will take a few more. German Shepherd Dog need expanse, the ability to run. Although fairness, it should be specified – regardless of any distinguishing features of the breed of dogs, the most important differences is still characterized by the individual.

That is, it all depends on the nature of your dog properly. And before, undertake training with her, you would be nice to mark it, temperament. Formation and training of dogs – the concept of inalienable from one another. Moreover, as you know, one must start just with education, if you accustom pet to obedience, cleanliness in the apartment, which is inhabited. With respect to training, the so-called set of exercises with the puppy to explore its subtleties perform certain commandments.

Samu training is best started in the period from 3 to 9 months when a larger number of commands you can teach in the fun. For example, the command 'Aport' much easier to teach a young dog than a mature dog. Since the adult dogs are no longer so keen was the game, and so, and will come off more often. I would like to add that to achieve high success in tackling the dog to train one or the other team and himself the owner must remember to set canons. First, you need to learn to give commands of cruel, but not angry tone. Your dog to comprehend the necessity of execution of the commands you, but your tone regarded as aggression. Otherwise, it may be lost, not knowing what the reason for your anger. This plunge dog misunderstanding and, consequently, lead to default command. Also, do not forget about moderation and perseverance. No need to scold the dog if something she did not happened. Be patient. Do not forget, you too have made their first step in one day. Grasp of Science, together with his four-legged friend, do not skimp on the warmth and affection for him and you all need to come out. Source: Federation sabokovodstva practical training of dogs.

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