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The old adage that "one person's trash is another person's treasure" never goes out of style. So when you're looking for some extra spending money and want to make some space in your home, combine the two efforts to sell their stuff instead of donating or destroying it. Use the extra money to pay a bill or start a holiday gift fund. Even better, use the boom to give yourself a weekend getaway! A lot of people and places exist to buy what could be selling instead of giving away or destroying. a Those are some of the places where you can sell your things: antique dealers and collectors, selling anything from old coins and jewelry to old records and toys are in great shape to distributors. And how sometimes not so great. I have several offers for an old-me-down jewelry pocket watch, even with some peeling paint. Dealers often resell your item to be a benefit.

The telephone directory yellow pages yields the names of area antique or read the local newspaper classified ad in the "wanted to buy" sections. Make sure you get more of a contribution or assessment before selling. FLEA MARKETS: Do you have a lot of things for sale, including books, video tapes, figurines, fake (or real) potted plants, even clothing in good condition? Renting a booth at the nearest flea market which generates a large amount of traffic. Often only $ 5 – $ 15 rents a room with a table. First visit to reach the best stand of dollars.

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