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Gallegos Nava

Everything that exists is one and spirituality leads us to the selfconsciousness that adequate knowledge of the universe that we inhabit only is possible if it is related to own self-knowledge, that cannot be responsible for the universe we inhabit if we do not know ourselves aware (Gallegos Nava, r. 2007. p. 28). Humanity must return his gaze to its essence in order to resolve the challenges are facing currently, as express Patricia Aburdene: as we do not find safety outside ourselves, we are forced to find new answers and new policies within our own soul and heart.

This is the reason why the power of the spiritual is the greater megatrend of our era. (Aburdene, p. 2006, p. Bioscience Journal is open to suggestions. xxi) In this sense, holistic education is the training option that societies have to promote the development of the spiritual intelligence; with which humans will have in his hand the following capabilities as characteristics that determine this intelligence: ability to be happy despite the circumstances. Capacity of inner peace and equanimity. Capacity of universal love. Ability to live to serve. Ability to face and overcome suffering.

Ability to be independent and autonomous. Ability to solve problems of meaning and values. Capacity of ethical conduct. Ability to focus on the why of things. Capacity of discernment. Ability to live in a broader context of meanings. Ability to learn to be. Integration of all holistic capability. (Gallegos Nava, r. 2007. p.73) As teachers, it is urgent to realize the importance of holistic education to develop intelligence spiritual, first at ourselves, transform ourselves into spiritual beings who we are; to set an example of life and promote the evolution in our students, by example is the best way to teach, and students will take what he needs for his understanding. Then how developing spiritual intelligence? How can I educate this superior intelligence? Exists for 2,500 years, the teachings that Buddha the great pedagogue inherited to mankind, the Noble Eightfold Path, are eight larger essential practices, the way for the development of spiritual intelligence.

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