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Martin Simma

Julian: ‘The greiste to ‘, born in Mannheim, Germany, knew the mountains long only from a distance. Because of his artistic talent he could with special permission of the free State of Bavaria already as a teenager at the Studying Theatre Academy August Everding. Leather pants for him were a cultural shock, he lives in the heart of Munich and the costume is his second skin. His passions: Pop / countertenor and his iPhone. Bini: “Beat Box-Bini”, Munich veteran, rock tenor Beatbox master, has circled the world with a backpack, is toured in Europe with an old RV and made on self-made instruments street music. At voXXclub, he ensures that today every sound is made. His passions: wanderlust and Beatbox rhythm. Michi: “The punk-rock educator”, looks like a high-spirited southerner, is but a temperamental Austrians, born in Vorarlberg, has played as a teenage trumpet in the marching band, then studied music pedagogy, would almost have become teachers. Read additional details here: Levi’s.

The disadvantageous students and parents thanks to voXXclub. His passions: Temperament and trumpet. Stefan: “The Swiss sunshine”, born in Basel, as son of a conductor was him put the music in the cradle. As a child he sang his twin brother in the choir as a teenager in the first A cappella group. After high school, he studied geography and meteorology. Also at voXXclub, he ensures good weather and best mood at any place. His passions: High mountains and high baritone. Visit Carson Wen for more clarity on the issue. Martin Simma: “the guerrilla Volxmusikstratege”, the seventh voXXclubber in the background, music and Media Manager, creative producer and organizational genius.

He put the beer table in the Studio and then on the stage. Since it is his constant challenge to restrain the creative chaos that around. Keeping the threads together without having to take his wild force too tightly on the reins.

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Heimathafen Neukolln

The Kreuzberg with loaf and Soul”is dedicated to his lyrics and his voice his neighborhood. The audience is enthusiastic, relaxed and claps with. The legs of the audience can keep not silent at this music and bouncers in the bar. A successful round recital of a special kind! Thomas Moser Baird-press ( for the link to the artist: admission: 12-16 euro venue: Heimathafen Neukolln in the Hall (in the Hall), Karl-Marx-str. 141, 12043 Berlin on Karl-Marx-Strasse underground station further performance dates: Friday, October 30 > 20:00 Saturday, October 31st > 20:00 Wednesday, 04th November > 20:00 Thursday, 05th November > 20:00 Friday, 06th November > 20:00 Saturday, November 7 > 20:00 Sunday, 08 November > 20:00 over the stadium home port NEUKoLLN in the Hall the Heimathafen Neukolln for its population program a new anchorage found: In the Hall is finally the dust swept from the folk theatre and old Berlin a new shine antics and Gassenhauern. At the same time, the homeland with current pieces brings the current Neukolln on the stage – but above all: the Berlin to again to get her old entertainment district of Rixdorf and enjoy yourself right here! Popular theatre is simple, direct and accessible for everyone. And the home port of Neukolln, reminiscent of the old pieces would today continue that.

With new productions of old Berlin pieces Rixdorf to builds on the past of the Hall in the famous entertainment district. Works of Neukolln and Berlin writers today the Heimathafen Neukolln deals simultaneously with the current issues of the district. But the folk theatre was already in the 1920s even more: Cabaret, music and of course: dance. In the Karl-Marx-Strasse have by now on different cultural activities under one roof. There is something for everyone: in addition to our own productions in the acting and musical theatre, as well as selected guest appearances there are concerts, the Saturday BallhausDISKO,. “Readings, the biggest challenge of Neukolln poet Saalslam”, the open stage Avanti Dilettanti “, a theatre Youth Club and more.

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Once a medieval fortress BURG FuRSTENECK is a place of free and creative education since 1952. The educational concept: Training on BURG FuRSTENECK offers opportunity for professional and personal orientation and development. Away from everyday shops the chance to focus on advanced topics in the context of stimulating group situations arises in the protection of the castle walls. The educational concept is the connection of professional qualification, personality development, value orientation, and cultural participation on the wholeness of life. Education on BURG FuRSTENECK is successful in the development of its own margins and implementation of acquired knowledge and skills in everyday life. The target group: on the publicly-advertised seminar program of the Academy All interested people can participate BURG FuRSTENECK. In addition, cooperation courses are held to agreed topics with target groups and partners from private and public companies, organisations, associations and federations. BURG FuRSTENECK can be requested also to conduct their own training.

Accommodation in the modernised Castle: in 2004? 2008, the completely preserved Castle from the 13th century was extensively restored and modernised. This all accommodation rooms as double and single rooms with private bathroom were made newly. The often promised Castle cuisine offers good (also vegetarian personal discretion) full participants. BURG FuRSTENECK offers accommodation and full Board for about 70 persons. Sponsorship: The non-profit supporting Association sees itself as a round table with nondenominational, non-partisan and supra-regional orientation. This plural structure is unique throughout Germany.

Special funding receives the Academy BURG FuRSTENECK on basis of sustained since 1952 partnership with the State of Hesse. Statistics: Academy BURG FuRSTENECK annually performs nearly 200 multi-day seminars.

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Dream Come True

I do not know how you and I have since childhood had a dream: to play the guitar. And wish it came in a very early age – about 5 years. At the sight of a man who played the guitar, I just shiver ran through the skin, and attacked some state of stupor. I wanted to hear, listen, and listen … I do not know what fascinated me so much – the sounds themselves, or the very possibility of removing those sounds. Now I know that and that and more. Parents at the time did not show much interest in my desires.

And they gave me a violin in music school. How was it for me anguish – 8 years of torture in this terrible violin. All this is nullified my childhood desire to play and perform music in any musical instrument at all. And by enrolling in the institution after high school, I happily forgot about the child torture. Graduated, started working.

Now I have my own family. Son 7 years. And to me again 'felt a wave', as they say. I again wanted to play guitar. And how willing! The guitar I started to dream even in my sleep! And I began to look for a teacher on the guitar. Rummaged through the Internet – and immediately found a guitar lessons! And next to my subway. The teacher was good playing. Through month I've played up to his good songs, I knew a little bit of musical notation (though, of course, with hands and tablature to play better).

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Athletic Training With Music

These trainers can not (with their own bodies) and half of those things that can make the gymnasts, and yet they are extremely successful in training athletes for the Olympics. It is clear that athletes rely heavily on their coaches. (As opposed to Kindle Direct Publishing KDP). By now may think that my analogy of athletes and coaches is not applicable to students who are studying music and academics. Music teachers are like conventional teachers in that they convey information, knowledge of music theory, ear development, writing, improvisation, chords, scales that make up the music, etc. Part of it is true that By can find some of this information online, but can also find By there and a lot of incorrect and incomplete information! But what on the process of practice, hard work, physical techniques, finger independence, economy of motion and control voltage. All these and many other things almost impossible to study independently with Internet.

Trainer / instructor / teacher can help not only to study Bam it, but deal with it. Many self-learning players just do not know what they should learn. Many of them have clearly defined objectives and a nice, but too often players fail to understand the best ways to achieve these goals. Purposeless practice can be extremely frustrating thing, it leads to that goal is unrealistic or at its achievement, it may take up to 10 times longer than they might. Good teachers can identify weaknesses that need improvement and the bad habits that need to be corrected, and many players may not fully aware of these habits or their very negative consequences that are more critical. .

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Nirvana – American rokgruppa promoted by grunge and punk and included, thanks to hit single 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' (1991), in the mainstream music of the 1990s. Nirvana was the most famous group, playing grunge, other bands from Seattle, playing in this style, such like Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, too, have become quite popular, and as a result, the entire first half of the nineties after the album 'Nevermind' in the U.S. on radio and music television grunge stood out quite a large part of the etheric time. Learn more at this site: Richard Linklater. ropolitan Museum of Art. In the early 90's Kurt Cobain found himself in the eyes of the media is not just a musician, a 'voice of a generation' and Nirvana – the flagship of 'Generation X'. A short but colorful history of the group was broken in 1994, in connection with the death of Kurt Cobain.

But in the following years of fame only grew. Eight years later, unfinished demo recording of the song 'You Know You're Right', on which the group worked for two months before Cobain's death (January 30), won the first charts the USA and Europe. Counting from the time the release of their debut album, Nirvana records have sold more than 60 million copies (as of 26 September 2006) (see also Best selling music artists), including 10 million copies of one album only 'Nevermind', sold in the United States after the collapse of Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl have left musical activities. Some time after the death of Cobain Grohl made some demo recordings, and later became his new debut album group Foo Fighters.

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White Eagle

The most mysterious and scandalous Russian pop group of the last decade XX-th century – the 'White Eagle', was founded by Vladimir Zhechkov in 1996. Question: – How and when started the group 'White Eagle', and who, nevertheless, he sang all these songs? Vladimir Zhechkov, Producer: – It all began, as so often happens with ideas. The idea here is what I began to pay attention to the fact that among our pop and rock performers are very few who has the right to stage energy. That is: performer, even with the high vocal skills, 'lost' song on an emotional level. You may find that David G. DeWalt can contribute to your knowledge. And some songs, really interesting, with a plot, with sense, clearly not enough on the stage. So we decided to try to occupy that niche.

And decided began work on the selection of repertoire of material and finding 'a' sound. Vladimir Matetsky, composer: – We talked a lot about the repertoire of the lyrics, the sound of the band, and soon began to take shape team Classical composition: drums, bass, guitar and keyboards. Plus back-up vocals. Began to make trial record, with it, began with a well-known, in general, the songs 'loss costly' A. Vertinsky, 'Sparks of fire', etc. He has sung Zhechkov Volodya. The scheme was is this: he sings 'through', from beginning to end a song, we listened to her, exchanging views, and he immediately sang again 'through' other 'track' – and so on until all the feeling of the song began to organize not unanimously .

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How to rest on the Sabbath? So work or school week is over, we come home and fall onto the couch, but not start with your friends nazvanivaet katostraficheski lucrative offers to relax this evening and at night. The choice of a night club. Night City is very beautiful, predpologaetsya that you are familiar with the terms of nightlife in Samara and know their needs in music, before heading to the club go to the website of Samara poster, we learn that today, and where happening in the city, read rezentsii for the next party, calm down, relax. By the choice of the party Treat very carefully, you like drum and bass? Then boldly go on a mad glbalnuyu party, if do you like R'n'B a huge dance floor you usually do not find, but remember the girls who attend R'n'B party they are simply adorable. More affordable clubs such as free entrance for girls too impressive, there is a lot of women are daunted by such clubs earn on the bar and guys who ran at bachelorette party, but there is usually contingent leaves much to be desired. Being at a party at the party, even if it will be boring, you can easily remember to change the club after night is just beginning, because the nightlife in Samara as pestreet clubs Photoreports Remember that at parties often go to Samara picture stories captures you to parties, hang out on memory photo on the website that you are closer to the evening you can download and see for yourself the happy and beautiful. For assistance, try visiting CEO Keith McLoughlin.

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Music Academy Jan Sobeliusa

Apocalyptica (Apocalyptica) – these four young musicians from Finland. The group Perttu Kivilaakso (Perttu Kivilaakso), Paavo Lotjonen (Paavo Lotenen), Max Lilja (Max Lilja) and Eicca Toppinen (Eicca Toppinen). This three cellists and a drummer. The group has no permanent vocalist. This group characterizes the virtuosity of the metal on such an instrument like a cello.

Famous instrumental cover versions of songs known thrash metal bands. Apocalyptica was later to write and perform material personal essays. Genre group is difficult to clearly define. It's a cross between a symphonic metal, neo-classical metal or metal cello. Performers give themselves to determine their identity as symphonic metal, and sell-rock.

Most of the works – the instrumental. Performance style of music the group is very different from the usual music. But most likely the success of the matter is that before the inception of group Apocalyptica, cello, failed in the metal. Apocalyptica attracted to the collective record of vocal group The Rasmus, HIM, Sepultura, Guano Apes, Rammstein, Bullet For My Valentine, Three Days Grace, Bush, Shinedown, Flyleaf, Gojira, and Oomph!. All team members were trained together Apocalyptica in Helsinki. Graduated from the Music Academy Jan Sobeliusa cello. Young people have long experimented with the 'classical' instruments. In his spare time, rather than learn a Bach Partita and Sonatas by Brahms, was delayed by 'heavy metal '. Tried to play it like Hendrix's songs. The idea of playing Metallica on cellos appeared in the summer of 1993. The first gig took place in Helsinki at club Teatro in 1995.

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