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Four Spanish Military

The two military have undergone the amputation of a leg. They are a lieutenant and three soldiers (besides the interpreter). Another one of the wounded presents/displays a fracture in a leg. The four Spanish military and an interpreter have been hurt when exploding an explosive device to the passage of armored ' Lince' in that they traveled, near Ludina (Afghanistan), and which it comprised of a reconnaissance patrol of the well-known one like Lithium route. Sources of the Ministry of Dnsa have informed into which as a result of the explosion they have been hurt the five occupants from the armored one: a lieutenant, three soldiers and a civil interpreter. The lieutenant, who responds to initials A.G.B and soldier J.G.L., presents/displays wounds of greater gravity, has been transferred to the hospital Role 2 of Murghab Bullet and has undergone the amputation of a leg in each case. Another one of the soldiers, A.Q.S., also has been taken part surgically and it is in the same hospital, with hurt and fractures in a leg. In the next hours, the lieutenant and soldier A.Q.S they will be transferred to the hospital Role 2 of Herat, managed by the Spanish troops, whereas soldier J.G.L is taken to the hospitable center Role 3, of Kandahar.

The other two wounded, soldier I.M.I and the interpreter, undergoes diverse contusions and has been transferred to the hospital of Herat, where they have been stabilized. Lieutenant and two of the soldiers belong to the Infantry regiment Soria 9, with soothes in Fuerteventura whereas soldier J.G.L is of the Slight Infantry regiment 47, with soothes in Palma de Mallorca. According to sources of Dnsa, from the past year, the Spanish troops only operate in Afghanistan with the new ones armored armored RG-31 and average ' Lince' , old vehicles that replace the BMR. At present, the unfolded Spanish contingent in mission ISAF in Afghanistan counts on 67 armored RG-31 and 131 vehicles ' Lince' , all of them equipped with systems of inhibition of frequencies. The minister of Dnsa, Car to me Chacn, has informed personally to gift Juan Carlos and the president into the Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.

19 attacks from their unfolding in 2002 With this explosion are already the 19 attacks undergone by the Spanish troops in this country from their unfolding in 2002, although they did not begin to take place until 2006. In these 19 attacks, including the one of this Saturday, the ten military have passed away, an interpreter and a Afghan boy, whereas 32 military and two civilians, both interpreters, have been hurt from diverse consideration. In addition, other 79 military have died in plane crashes (62 in the wreck of Yak-42 and 17 when crashing near Herat the helicopter in which traveled), whereas other two have passed away in individual traffic accidents and another one by a myocardium infarct. Source of the news: The four Spanish military and an interpreter are wounded in an attack undergone in Afghanistan

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Biographical Dictionary

After the controversy provoked by some of its entrances, like the one of Franc. The Senate hopes that there is uprising of the scientific community. The Commission of Education of the Senate has decided east Monday to ask to the Real Academy of Historia (RAH) that abroad paralyzes the diffusion in Spain and of its Spanish biographical Dictionary after the controversy provoked by some of its entrances, like the one of Francisco Franco. All the parliamentary groups, with the exception of the popular one, are agreed a transactional amendment to the motion presented/displayed by Catalan Entesa of Sandstone, by which it urges to the Government to reiterate the requirement realised by the Ministry of Education to the RAH so that it adopts the opportune measures to review and if so to correct immediately those entrances of the dictionary that have separated from the necessary rigor and objectivity. The motion, approved by 13 votes to favor and 12 against, asks that the diffusion of the dictionary made by the RAH becomes paralyzed until on the matter exists an uprising of the scientific community. The plenary session of the Academy day 17 the past decided to constitute the commission that will be in charge to review the dictionary and that it will be integrated by Miguel Artola, Juan Pablo Fusi and Carmen Sanz. The spokesmen, with the exception of the popular group, have criticized some of the biographies including in the dictionary, among them the one of Franc, written by Luis Surez, who affirms that to the general " totalitario&quot mounted an authoritarian regime but not; . Source of the news: The Senate asks to the Academy of History that paralyzes the diffusion of the biographical Dictionary

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