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Creation Intelligent Optics

In the first article we provide data, more specifically with the evidence we have, which we call "clocks" of the land, which could lead to a "young earth", but clarified that these items, with data provided by scientists who support the spontaneous creation of a voluntary creative act of an intelligent Creator, is open to the contribution of information or ideas that enrich the topic, which I believe is one of the most important in relation to our design as human beings and the purpose and situation why are on earth. In this second article, we try to provide some data on the fossil record and the interpretation which has put a different group of scientists. Let us return to the track to raise an overview of the basic positions of the evolutionists and creationists. Creationists argue that life and our existence came from the acts of an intelligent Creator, and full of purpose, whose literary record is the first book Genesis of the Bible, more specifically in Chapters 1 and 2 of this book. We also believe that any such creation theory should necessarily get along with the biblical record to certify their veracity, then away from him, go into "assumptions" without factual basis. The evolutionary theory or belief has held that all life evolved from a single cell, which originated from dead matter (although recent publications evolutionary refrain from giving a clear explanation of the origin of life, avoiding the subject) But let the arguments and the facts.

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