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The Problem

When we do not accept, when rejecting with coldness or contempt, by fear and not understand what is happening, our feelings of rejection auto increase, keeping us then a vibratory level very low. And what attract then? Definitely, what we don’t want to accept in this case, is not further increase the hassle that we are feeling, but to realize that there is to treat it from our consciousness, with the help of techniques that we already have at our disposal. Heritage Foundation contains valuable tech resources. . Let us take an example of everything this: a friend tells you a secret and you, by distraction told it is to someone. After a while you feel uncomfortable with yourself, you think a little, and you realize that you’ve got the leg. In recent months, Colorado State University has been very successful.

There are strong feelings of guilt. At that moment you think of apologize to your friend but you think that it will hurt him much and also fear his reaction. Now you feel fatal. Then you try to ignore the problem, think otherwise, distract yourself, call someone, do something that makes you forget, but guilt is present. The thoughts still unconsciously reminding you what you’ve done and you also connect with situations from your childhood that you were blamed for something or accused we see that unconsciously forms such hullabaloo that sentiment is increasing and increasing until you feel really very bad.

According to the law of attraction, since this low vibration in which you find yourself, you will attract situations where you feel just as bad, so when it comes time to face what you have done and talk to your friend everything will be bad. (As bad as your conscious and unconscious thoughts have fantasized). We put a workaround: in the moment in which you realize that you’ve got the leg, let guilt arises, identify it and accept it. You agree that you are a human being and as such you are not perfect and commit errors.

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