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The World

Characters take and interpret. The A prerequisite is learning ability for humans and animals, being able to adapt to the realities of life and the environment, it makes sense to act and, where appropriate, in their own interest to change it. The ability to learn even a prerequisite for education and training, so a visible relationship to themselves, others and the world is for the people. Continue to learn more with: Albert Bandura. The results of the learning process are not always of the learners in words tangible (tacit knowledge) or clearly measurable. Education referred to the formation of the people in regard to his man”, his mental abilities. The term refers both to the process (form”) and on the State (be made”). Where the second meaning is a certain ideal of education (such as the Humboldt ideal of education), which is sought in the course of the educational process. A sign of education is shared by virtually all theories of education, can be written to as the reflected relationship to themselves, others and the world.

The modern dynamic and holistic education term stands for the lifelong development of man, in which he expanded his spiritual, cultural and practical life skills and his personal and social competencies. But, there can be no perfect people; individual systems, as well as temporal, spatial and social conditions put the realization of educational ideal boundaries defined as whatever. The ability of the people to be able to learn, is the basis for education and training. During the educational process are children and young people by the educationally responsible (parents, educators, teachers, youth leaders) introduced into the world of adults. You learn these rules, norms and behavior, but also independent thinking and acting. The trail leads to the self understanding of foreign understanding, i.e. the understanding and appropriation of the surrounding world. Depending on the level of education – school knowledge before peasant cunning! -can we more or less good a future – appreciate because we intelligent re-can act.

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