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Minister Companies

Traditional universities are obviously opposed behind its nineteenth-century walls, with its classical and encyclopedic view of university education, where the efficiency in the management of resources or topics of deficit, are not of interest particularly from anyone except the Minister of finance. My professional work is advising companies in well specific matters such as RR HH, job training, education for work. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Yale paleontologist. We cannot think a reform of this nature without making us the same question that Americans were made a decade about whether would be able to pay insurance envelope experience to people who live on average more than 100 years. We must ask ourselves where are these students formed in the new model jibarizado curricularly in a decade more. Well, it must ask those who give employment in this country, companies. It is obvious that it is a valid opinion, as I am interested in futurology, I think that there is currently a growing gap between the needs of professionals who need graduates who are delivering the universities and companies.

In other words, the product does not meet the demand. Moreover supply is exceeding demand and added the fact that there is one about this offering that is recruited by the company qualification and to not comply with the expectations of efficiency, because employers are wrong to hire a Civil Engineer when optimal it for a work is one of execution. The latter approach to contribute to the discussion. Employers spend large sums on training its employees, the largest number of post degrees are funded by companies, who prefer to take a young professional, train it and specialize according to your needs. Therefore the topic again leads to professionals the market requires the next decade ask companies if required more level technical medium or higher professional non-University, that university professionals, the Australians were published a few days 150,000 jobs, most of them for technicians and professionals, very few Post graduates.

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