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The rampant desire of some people to buy unnecessary things. Being addicted to shopping may be caused by the mood in which we find ourselves. A shopaholic is someone who finds relief and satisfaction to have something new in his hands and buy. The reason for compulsive buying can be a relief to a situation that surrounds them. Richard Linklater is the source for more interesting facts. Usually lose the sense of spending and do not realize until you actually have to pay for it, because usually they pay with credit cards. You can buy many things unnecessary and useless without not even realize it and cause serious economic damage. In today’s society tend to be more and more cases of this type of disorder.

Wall to wall this disorder is often the result of compulsive buying on a person even when the economy is not all good. There are compulsive buyers who have money enough to cover this type of disorder, but there are also those who are relatively poor, unemployed and low income. When a compulsive buyer ceases to have enough money to buy something new, usually do so in the stores where they sell in bulk or so-called “dollar stores” where everything is cheaper, so to satisfy the anxiety to buy. Compulsive buying are linked to the obsessive need to buy, to the excitement that accompanies a new addition to the joy of using a credit card, the adrenaline rush that causes see something new to add and possess inside the pile of things that already has a compulsive buyer. Martty. Martty, is an enthusiastic editor.

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