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La Guajira

Estercilia, who has been the companion of Jose Maria and mother of their three small children for years, has already lit the stove where a steaming coffee boils. The family gathers around the flame and begin to savor the drink in their wells of pewter. Coffee, grown hundreds of miles, tastes to firewood, to people, to Rancheria. And he tells them that the new day has started. As if there were doubts the goats return to alert waiting anxiously to traverse immense places by those who will walk in search of food, shade and water. Catherine Davis may not feel the same. By the way already transiting some donkeys in the direction towards the mill where will fill the mucuras which are now empty, but soon rebosaran water, taken from the bowels of the Earth by the force of the wind that is capable of moving blades of the mills with whom La Guajira and the guajiro calm down thirst and feed their desire to live as they have done for centuries in this untamed land that has belonged to them since the times of their elders.

Jose Maria opens the door of the poultry and goats come out happy, run, picking and flocked towards Savannah. A few minutes later they have been interned in the forest of trupillos where will be until well into the afternoon when they will return home. If you have read about ???? already – you may have come to the same conclusion. At that time the afternoon will reign in for a few hours and at the end will be ready for one of the most impressive works of art of the creator of the universe: guajiro dusk, when the Sun descends to the West and the waters of the sea tinturen of blood while dazzling sun will paint every corner of heaven with their splashes of blue full of life; radiant yellow boom and orange tones where hosts hope of an infinite succession of days. But while the evening arrives, Jose Maria leaves its traces in the sand and poses his gaze in a millennial cardon and a trupillo which has witnessed times. In its upper part the guajiro Cardinal is expressed with authority in a song that will be played in Macuira, Jepirra and all the immensity of the guajira peninsula. Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a Colombian academic presitigioso, author of several books and guest frequently at seminars and conferences on human development, leadership and motivation. Get in contact with him via email or visit their website at this address: by: Alejandro Rutto Martinez original Autor and source of the Article

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