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Spanish Royal Academy

The corn flour arepa is bread by excellence of Venezuela. Together with the hallaca make up two of the main dishes of Venezuelan cuisine. For more specific information, check out Richard Linklater. He was born as a way of worship to the Sun and the moon. The same is true with the round utensil in which these foods are cooked: the budare. In the 16th century according to Scripture road to el Dorado of Venezuelan writer Arturo Uslar Pietri, who were under the command of the tyrant Aguirre called arepa eaters the first mestizos of the territory. 1869 Dictionary of the Castilian language defined in the arepa as a pastry made of corn flour with pork meat inside, they sell black in the corners of Cartagena de Indias in an Edition later, made in Paris in 1,878, adds:…and it is general lunch of all inhabitants. The dictionary of the Spanish Royal Academy in 1914 reads:…of the (::: erepa, corn), bread of circular shape that is used in America, composed of corn sancochado majado, and passed through sieve, eggs and butter and cooked to the oven. Historian Tulio Febres Cordero who in 1917 made a review of definitions, found in various dictionaries, wrote of this last definition that this is not the definition of our popular arepa, because corn is ground and is reduced to ground between stones or in special machines, and it will never hovering or made flour; and Add egg and butter, would laugh at our areperas…

Although arepas today are very similar to this definition, now they are prepared with industrialized pre-toasted flour. The arepa is usually made with pre-cooked, white or yellow, corn flour mixed with water and a touch of salt; He is kneaded well, until dough is firm, soft, smooth, without lumps, which make small balls, which are then crushed to shape into a disc or wheel. With alternate clapping of one hand against the other, is shaping the arepa, always in circular motion, until you achieve the desired thickness; Finally passes through the edge fingers slightly dampened in water.

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Few Handyman Masons

The word masonry immediately evokes in our minds a great work which needs to employ exclusively to large enterprises with architects, surveyors, and professionals. And if it is a repair or a simple reform at home is still complicated more. This typically frighten a few fans, why handyman, I want to share a couple of tips and tricks with people that try to be what is today fashion a good husband for hours after be doing many reforms in Tenerife and want to look with your family with professionalism in the work performed. Actually repairs and small reforms can perform them a handyman well breaded taking into account several factors: 1. know the properties of the materials and the proportions of each of them to be used as mortars, cements, aggregates, blocks etc. Depending on the climatic zone some materials with different properties are used as for example in the peninsula brick is used and vibrated concrete block is used in the Canary Islands. Ambient temperature influences the choice of additives to used to prepare mortars and concretes because it affects the life time of the mixture, to speak more clearly the time that it takes the concrete harden. A handyman should be very well informed to not wasting materials by misuse them and not lose, therefore, an unexpected money.

2 Know planning reform or repair which includes making a sketch, remove materials calculations. Once done the sketch, we begin to remove the calculation of necessary materials taking into account measures of repairs or reforms that we want to perform. When we measure it is important to take into account the performance of them to not make unnecessary expenditures and also consider a certain margin of wear of materials. A handyman should look at the instructions of the manufacturer of the products. 3 Having information about the novelties on the market of the territory where we are. There are endless varieties of products on the market hence its selection should be carried out based on their own qualities, as well as the money we want to spend in the repair and their easy acquisition in the region where we are to not lengthen the time of implementation of the reforms. A handyman should be proactive and make sure that the repair does not run due to lack of materials, also avoids wasting time in the comings and goings to the shops, saving money on the road.

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